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4th of July – A Salad Idea, FULL of Antioxidents, Healthy & Travels Well

We are going to make an incredible salad that can be served cold or at room temperature, I prefer it at room temp because of the roasted flavor but that is just me. This is a new one for me, pics will come soon. What inspired me to make this dish is all the talk … Continue reading

Good, cheap, fun! BBQ & Homeade Ice Cream (no corn bread though)

Out and about on a Sunday afternoon we decided on BBQ, Luella’s BBQ on Merrimon to be exact. From the outside it looks like the perfect place for BBQ, a bit unassuming and when you enter you can just tell it is going to be great! Booths and tables diner style with a big chalk … Continue reading

Molly Hatchet’s Father’s Day Garden Snap Peas, Spinach Gnocchi with Garlic & Shrimp

Why Molly Hatchet? Well, I am trying to think of something my dad would love to eat on Father’s Day and so I kicked on some Molly Hatchet and the first song up was Dreams I’ll Never See and this dish came to my mind. This is a Recipe-ish and it has just a little … Continue reading

Village Wayside Grill Biltmore Village – Healthy Snacks at the Bar

A night out at the bar for me typically means a cheeseburger and fries with a few of a good local craft beers on tap. I really am trying to watch what I eat, especially because we do eat out pretty regularly; so here is my successful attempt at being budget and waist conscience. We … Continue reading

Farm to Table Time in AVL: Incredible Menu Design at Frankie Bones

One of the best things about my new favorite city, Asheville, is that the residents and businesses embrace everything local. Being that I love food, I love to garden and creative menus, the combination comes together with the Spring and Summer and what is called Farm to Table. ¬†What is F2T? When the chef(s) of … Continue reading

Best Scalloped Potatoes I Ever Fed My Dad

This one I had to try and write down after I created it. I am the type of person who typically thinks my food is just ok, but this was one dish even I believed the reviews that it was amazing! That and the fact that between 4 of us we finished the entire pan … Continue reading

Trying Dukan or Committed to Paleo? It’s Ground Chicken Again (but with D-Licious Fresh Herbs)!

Not to say that eating healthy can’t be fun and exciting because it definitely is and delicious too, but some nights your creativity level just isn’t what you need it to be; that was me tonight! In all seriousness, I have an obsession lately with stocking up on ground chicken and turkey when it goes … Continue reading

Beer City Festival Asheville, NC

What an afternoon for beer sampling! The weather was perfect with low humidity and a consistent breeze and live music all day. The Broadcast was my favorite performer, I have not heard them before, but I will make it a point to catch them again. She has a soulful voice with a rock style and … Continue reading

eeZ Fusion Huntersville, NC

On a recommendation from a friend we were staying with in the area on a recent visit to Huntersville, she recommended eeZ Fusion for Sushi. This is in a great little area called Birkdale Village with lots of shops, restaurants and a movie theatre all in walking distance of one another. There was a wait … Continue reading


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