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Good, cheap, fun! BBQ & Homeade Ice Cream (no corn bread though)

Out and about on a Sunday afternoon we decided on BBQ, Luella’s BBQ on Merrimon to be exact. From the outside it looks like the perfect place for BBQ, a bit unassuming and when you enter you can just tell it is going to be great! Booths and tables diner style with a big chalk board with the daily specials. The family is a family of southern cooking and hog raising, so they know their meat.

I ordered the chopped brisket sandwich with a side of vinegar slaw to put on top and a chef salad with smoked tomato dressing. We didn’t get the sweet potato chips as an appetizer because it was Sunday and I just had to try the bloody mary, but I have heard from others that they are a must try. The Bloody Mary – YUM!

The chopped brisket was tasty, not fatty and on a nice thick slice of texas toast. I am not typically a texas toast kinda gal but this really was the perfect conduit for my brisket and I couldn’t have imagined it any other way. I guess this is why we should trust the chef when we are out to eat. It was cut in half and after tossing the slaw and homemade sauce on, it was finished in just a few mere moments but I can still remember the taste. Smokey, the meat was perfectly seasoned and moist even without the slurry of sauce I put on it. I loved the laid back atmosphere with a few families, a young couple out on a date and a few others just smiling away enjoying every bite… my only disappointment – no corn bread, but when everything else is so delicious this is just a note to let you know you shouldn’t expect it and really don’t need it.

So, without any cornbread but a full stomach, we needed dessert. Hilltop Homemade Ice Cream next to Angelo’s restaurant on Charlotte Hwy in Fairview, YOU HAVE TO TRY IT!! This is not a joke, nor a false alarm, this is amazing ice cream! The woman who owns it is from Hendersonville and she has been selling her ice cream to restaurants in her area for years and decided to open up shop (they just opened last week) in Fairview because there weren’t any homemade ice cream shops and am I glad she did.

Let’s just say, ice cream is something I only indulge in if it is top-notch, and if it is good, I order a kiddy scoop or 1 scoop max. I had 2 scoops at Hilltop if that tells you anything! After sampling several of her 13 or so flavors I went for 1 scoop of butter pecan and another scoop of caramel praline – best I have ever tasted! So, we get to talking and she is telling me how she has homemade hot fudge, I can live without it so I passed. I continue to chat and eat my ice cream when her husband came in and asked if I tried the hot fudge and that I should try just a taste. Who am I to insult a man complimenting his wife, well guess what, I went back a few days later and ordered the exact same thing plus the fudge sauce!

Luella’s and Hilltop are no where near one another, but they are delicious and I would say worth the drive no matter where you are coming in from!
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A manager, recruiter, trainer and foodie! When you are asked over and over again for tips on how to find a job, increase your sales, how to create connections or recommendations for restaurants, recipes and creative party fare at some point you have to do something with all of the information. Those who know me and have borrowed “recipes” from me know that I do not write anything down and can barely measure, I do not know how to follow instructions and my strength is not in the detail but in the experience of your senses.


2 thoughts on “Good, cheap, fun! BBQ & Homeade Ice Cream (no corn bread though)

  1. Thanks for writing out this post. I find it informative and actionable. I will connect to your side for more updates.

    Posted by Kaylene | November 1, 2011, 8:24 am

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