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Traveling to Boone, Char is a Great Spot

If you haven’t visited Boone, I would say it is worth the drive. It is a good sized small town in the middle of the Blue Ridge Mountains and it is breathtaking! On your way to Boone, if you are coming from the AVL area, I recommend taking a stop over in Blowing Rock, but we will save that for another day. I have to tell you about the lunch I had at Char. Char Bar and Restaurant on Howard Street in Boone has a wonderful patio with tall tables and high backed chairs that were just what I was looking for after walking around this cute college town. They have a long bar that is accessible by the patio which is convenient if you are just looking for cocktails, but I was hungry (surprise!)

After mulling over the menu with items like Shrimp Po Boy, Blackened Tuna Sliders or a Fried Green Tomato BLT, I went with the special, Shrimp Tacos, based on our sweet waitresses recommendation. D-licious mango salsa, cilantro slaw and shrimp grilled to perfection, seriously delicious and filling, since there was 3 to an order! I opted to pass on the fries and go for their house salad, with  candied pecans, granny smith apples, & gorgonzola – good size portion for a side salad, excellent dressing and plenty of goodies.  I will note that it was the standard side salad price rather than a sub charge, so I should have enjoyed at least a few fries, that’s the frugal in me.

I had a nice glass of Camenere, their wine list is above average with plenty of great local beers on tap! They have 1/2 off bottles on Wednesday and Tapas Thursday, both of which sound like a great time and based on our great lunch I would love to try out their dinner menu next time I am visiting the cute, quaint, mountainous town of Boone. Great shops and pubs along with 5 & 10 stores and consignment shops, you will enjoy your day whether winter, summer or fall.

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A manager, recruiter, trainer and foodie! When you are asked over and over again for tips on how to find a job, increase your sales, how to create connections or recommendations for restaurants, recipes and creative party fare at some point you have to do something with all of the information. Those who know me and have borrowed “recipes” from me know that I do not write anything down and can barely measure, I do not know how to follow instructions and my strength is not in the detail but in the experience of your senses.


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