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Bourbon & Burger Co., Batavia NY with a Genny Cream and a Rohrbach Porter YUMMY

Up in NY visiting family and typically the majority of my trip is meeting people out for breakfast, lunch, dinner and cocktails but this trip I seem to be eating at family and friends which is great! I will be borrowing some recipes I have tasted this trip and sharing them soon. There is something about being home that makes me kind of lazy and really get in to relax mode. I guess this is how people feel when they come to my house, I can’t weed anything, water the garden, vacuum (well I could vacuum my mom would appreciate that!) but you know what I mean.

The weather is great here and as with any good Western NYer people are complaining it is too hot… this just cracks me up but it is how I know I am truly home. I met my mom and her dear friends out for lunch yesterday at Bourbon & Burger Co., which funny enough is in the same space as a restaurant I worked in while home on break from college. The bar is a bit dark but they have lots and lots of bourbon and even better for me a great draft selection and some wonderful craft beers by the bottle too.

I started with a local brew, Rohrbachs Vanilla Porter, deep, dark, rich and dlicious! For lunch, wow, well there are about a dozen different kind of burgers, fresh meat (I love me some fresh meat!) and the option of beef or bison (1/2lb for beef and I think it was 8oz for bison which is good size based on the price for either option!) I went with the Louisiana Burger the chef recommended it, Cajun seasoning, with a homemade pepper relish and pepperjack cheese cooked pink. Your option is pink or no pink which I like because people are so picky that they set cooks up for failure with this in between temp garbage so kudos to you for making a statement.

This burger was so tender, juicy… I can still taste it. Yes, it was spicy but I ate it without a problem and never once did my mouth feel like it was on fire, which obviously ruins the taste. For a weaker palate sure it would have killed them but if you naturally like spicy, tasty food this is a good one. Fries were great and big portion. I ate 3/4 of it because I had to have a Genesee Cream Ale on tap! Seriously, this beer is so good and got a bad rap because of one bad keg. Western NYer’s get over your Genny Screamer Joke and wake up, this is a good beer, especially off the tap!

This was really a great lunch and reasonable too!
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