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So, I am From NYS; I Had to Find the Best Pizza in Asheville

Anyone from the East, especially NY State, knows their pizza and I have to say I am no exception. For me, I am looking for a thinner crust, a sweeter sauce (but not too sweet with some oregano), a good amount of cheese, a nice crisp crust and FRESH toppings. Who would have thought my find would be in West Asheville in a strip mall?

We ate at Circle in a Square for the second time yesterday, I had to confirm my gut reaction. The first time we ordered double cheese, but this is not a necessity here. I know they are pickled, but I just love the salty, spicy, crunch you get from a banana pepper, I like the red cherry peppers too but they didn’t have that option. So we went with 1/2 just cheese (single cheese) to investigate the crust, sauce and seasonings and the other 1/2 banana peppers and sautéed onions. WOW, talk about a winner, the sautéed onions are succulent, sweet with a bit of tang and made my day!

Service is great, the pizza takes time, but with a crust that is cooked to perfection and a cheese that is bubbly and gooey, just grab a beer – they have a great selection of highland and PBR if you want a $2 bargain beer. I also started with a side salad – fresh romaine and the gorgonzola vinaigrette, great flavor, not sure if it is made in-house but it was yummy. Rumor has it the downtown location should be done in about 4 weeks, and each day they are just one more day closer and they will have late night (meaning after the bars close!)
Circle In The Square Pizza and Deli on Urbanspoon
If I were to have a runner-up, which I do, it would be Marco’s on Hendersonville Road. Talk about great staff and service! I swear that they have better, more friendly service here than at some of the “fine dining” restaurants we have been to, and passionate about what they do. Marco’s has a thin crust, I recommend asking for it well done. Their sauce is off the charts good, I ask for a side of it when I go there it is that good. They use fresh slices of mozzarella, and fresh ingredients, but really, here I say you just get cheese and maybe one topping. Their house salad is enormous with olives and broccoli and the beer selection is on tap and bottled!

You can’t go wrong with either restaurant! AND NO, THEY DON’T BRING IN WATER FROM THE NORTH… They don’t need to!

Marco's Pizza on Urbanspoon

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