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Best White Sangria and Tapas in Asheville

If you know me, you know I love everything about red wine and typically would not order white sangria. Well, that was before a group of us went to Curate and were encouraged by our wonderful server to try the white, sparkling cava, we tried both (red and white). We were all blown away! First of all it is finished off table side, which is a wonderful touch, but this was like nothing I had every tasted before, refreshing, not too sweet and a wee bit of sparkle.

I have been to Curate several times since my experience of the sparking cava and always have been pleased. Curate is a Tapas Restaurant and the items I would definitely recommend are the Pan con tomate – fresh tomatoes on city bakery bread with our without the manchego cheese it is wonderful and so simple, the selection of the 3 cured hams is a must, the lamb skewer and the sauteed spinach. There was also an egg/omelet dish we tried which was wonderful and the scallops are very nice.

The atmosphere is fun, especially for a large group 6-10 because of the long farmer style tables and the ability to share the entire menu as a group. For date night and parties of 2-4 especially, I like Zambra, another Tapas restaurant in AVL. The atmosphere is a bit dark, romantic and ecclectic and their wine list is wonderful! Honestly, their wine list is extremely extensive and filled with wines not typically found in many restaurants and they have a few experts on staff to guide you through your selection so try something new!

Zambra uses organic and local meats and produce as available. We tried the rabbit, lamb, beef and scallops among some great vegetarian dishes and were blown away. Their menu, which changes regularly, is quite extensive and the servers are well versed in the dishes. Our server had tried many of the dishes we had questions on and was able to provide us with strong explanations. Try to get a corner booth if you can for the most intimate experience, complete with some really pretty throw pillows in the decor.
Cúrate on Urbanspoon
Zambra on Urbanspoon

Curate or Zambra you should not be disappointed, I wasn’t!

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