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Sushi in AVL – Zen, Wasabi & Green Tea Fusion

Sushi is one of our favorite meals to have when we go out to eat. We have only tried 3 of the sushi restaurants here in Asheville and enjoyed them all.

Zen Sushi is on Merrimon in a strip mall. I wasn’t blown away by the atmosphere, I think most sushi places look about the same. There bar was kind of off to the one side which made me not want to eat at it because it felt disconnected to the rest of the restaurant. So atmosphere 6.5-7. We didn’t sit outside on the patio which I heard was nice, but eating sushi in 90* weather just isn’t my thing. Food 8.5 we had the Hamachi Kama which I had not had before but went on a recommendation of a friend and the sauce was amazing and it was cooked very well. The sushi and sashimi was extremely fresh. We enjoy white tuna and it was very good. We ordered one of the rolls that was on special, amazing, the cold soba which was just ok an Bai Ginjo Saki. Value 8.5 – meaning we ordered a ton of food, portions were great for size of pieces and we didn’t feel like we were totally robbed which can sometimes happen when you have sushi.

Wasabi is downtown, has a good sized sushi bar which I really like sitting at but may be too close quarters for some. We have been here several times for date night and with a big group of 10 people and always had good service. Atmosphere: 8 could be a bit cleaner/fresher looking but I like the closeness. Food 8.5. Great white tuna, the rolls they have on special are usually a good go to for me. Their edamame and sea weed salad are really good here, saki selection is strong. Everyones and a while they have the yellow tail, tuna, salmon diced in a martini glass, I recommend! Value 8, but still good.

Green Tea Fusion, South AVL. Clean, crisp, great sushi bar that is quite large. Atmosphere 8.5-9 for small area sushi in a strip mall of sorts, they did a very nice job although I am not sure about the sumo wrestler they have as a logo. Chefs were very friendly and their rolls are great size. I recommend the Dynamite roll. The sushi and sashimi were smaller than the above two but the freshness was definitely there. Value 7. Very good Saki menu and GREAT presentation when it comes to their fish/platters.

So there is something worth noting on each of these restaurants and I will be back to visit all of them. No matter which end of town you are on, you have a great stop for sushi!


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