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I Ate It Before I Could Take a Picture – Pizza on the Grill

So I decided to use one of those pizza dough packets I had in the pantry that you literally add 1/2 cup of hot water to and let it rest and in 5 minutes you have dough for 4 people. I am really trying to eat what we have in the pantry and still be creative which isn’t always easy when your mind is in a hundred places. So tonight’s task was dinner in under 30 minutes, this may have even been under $4.00!!

I am not sure if I have shared my delicious pesto recipe with you yet, but that was the sauce of choice this evening because it is so fresh and dlicious! I put parm, basil, a handful of parsley, salt, pepper, garlic, pine nuts, crushed red pepper and olive oil in mine. I think that is everything.

Tonight I diced up a tomato, first in 1/2 inch sliced and then quartered the slices, diced yellow pepper, a chili I roasted on the grill ahead of time and mixed in 2T of the pesto, sauteed onions, grilled chicken seasoned with S&P and basil (the grill was on and the chicken was in the fridge), fresh mozzarella and just a sprinkle of parmesan.

*trick to cooking the onions, tonight I didn’t feel like dirtying a pan so I put them in a coffee mug after they were diced with some olive oil and buzzed them for 3 minutes. I know, I know, microwaves kill but I just can’t live without mine.

Heat up the grill, two burners on high. Put your pizza stone on the grill and let it get hot for about 6 -9 minutes and bring your ingredients out. Lay out the dough on the stone, turn down the heat so you don’t kill yourself. Spread out the pesto and then the tomato, peppers, chicken, cheese and then the onion and parm. Just shut the lid and let it do it’s thing.

I say about 12 minutes and then if you want you can move it from the pan directly on the grill, but really you can just pull it off, top with some fresh basil and serve it up!

Amazing, easy and cheap…

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A manager, recruiter, trainer and foodie! When you are asked over and over again for tips on how to find a job, increase your sales, how to create connections or recommendations for restaurants, recipes and creative party fare at some point you have to do something with all of the information. Those who know me and have borrowed “recipes” from me know that I do not write anything down and can barely measure, I do not know how to follow instructions and my strength is not in the detail but in the experience of your senses.


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