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Rezaz’s More Than A Restaurant

We have been in Asheville now for 11 months, wow, does time fly. We are always talking to people about where to eat and we have heard several times, have you tried Rezaz and our answer was always, not yet. Well we finally were able to get there last night and it was wonderful. We sat at a half booth with some fun pillows on a bench style seat, our waiter, Tucker, was engaging and knowledgeable with just about anything we threw at him.

The special was a Mahi-Mahi, pan seared served on a crab and pesto risotto which is what I ordered and G had the scallops with a corn poblano hash, creamy polenta, spinach and remoulade sauce. I really liked the fresh crunch of the red onion, poblano and fresh sautéed spinach with the creaminess (if that is even a word) of the polenta. Lot’s of texture and contrast. The crab and pesto risotto was perfectly prepared and strong balance of flavors. Our guest had the North African braised lamb which was served with lamb sausage. I felt the sausage was a bit too salty and over cooked. The starter of shrimp and calamari is a MUST have! It has a sweet and spicy glaze with cabbage and scallions, you have to try it!  We also had the wood fired caesar, wonderful presentation with fried prosciutto and a delicious dressing with fresh parm shavings.

Their wine list is quite extensive with selections from Italy, France, Argentina, etc… in a variety of price range. Good bet: the Super Tuscan!

On to Dessert: rule number 1 you have to order it, rule #2 you have to each order your own! These are my rules and I believe you should really follow them. The cheesecake is creamy and cooked to perfection! I also recommend the pots de creme with the chocolate oatmeal cookie that I will be trying to replicate!

If you like to have a dining experience, I recommend Rezaz. Of course you can go in and order a cocktail and an appetizer but if you are in the mood to take your time and make a night of your dining experience this is a great place to do that. Rezaz has a great story, which I recommend reading on their site. A number of great chef’s, restaurant owners and business owners got there start at Rezaz and from what I have heard he is a tough but incredible business person and an amazing chef.

In terms of value I give it an 8.5 for upscale dining. Ambience 8.
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A manager, recruiter, trainer and foodie! When you are asked over and over again for tips on how to find a job, increase your sales, how to create connections or recommendations for restaurants, recipes and creative party fare at some point you have to do something with all of the information. Those who know me and have borrowed “recipes” from me know that I do not write anything down and can barely measure, I do not know how to follow instructions and my strength is not in the detail but in the experience of your senses.


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