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I Don’t Eat Breakfast Out – Never Say Never; How I Broke My Morning Rules

We started our honeymoon with a 5k in Mt. Pleasant and may have skipped dinner to have fun, a few beers and take in the sites so the next day I was hungry. We like to check with locals and scope out Diners  Drives, Dives and other Food Network shows for recommendations however we didn’t really think this one out so we asked for a the best spot from our concierge at the Courtyard, and I owe him a big THANK YOU! Come to find out, Charleston Cafe was featured briefly on the Food Network some time ago and now I know why.

If you know me, you know I can spend LOTs of deniro on food, no problem… actually it is a problem that I need to work on, however there is one thing I don’t like spending money on and that is breakfast out. I just don’t really get it… I can fry an egg, make a piece of toast, even some bacon and life is good. I just don’t see the sense, but I was hungry. My opinion has changed slightly.

So,the  Charleston Cafe is located in a small shopping plaza  on Johnny Dodds on your way towards Shem Creek from Mt Pleasant and I feel like I am slightly changed for life since eating there, seriously. Breakfast is a meal I typically like to start out on the healthy side, not this day.

On the special board, Pumpkin Pancakes with a caramel syrup and homemade whipped cream so yes, even though I have never ordered a pancake in a restaurant IN MY LIFE, I love pumpkin and had to have it and so glad I did! Texture, flavor combination was perfect! Although I could not finish it, I couldn’t have imagined it any better. Why didn’t I finish it? Well, because I ordered the Amber’s Special! Crab cake benedict topped with poached eggs, shrimp and smoked sausage, a side of grits and a homemade sweet potato biscuit! YES, that is what I had for breakfast!

The grits were outstanding, it looked more like a trough of grits, but they were creamy and for breakfast that is how I prefer mine. The crab cakes were fresh, meaty and had nice consistency, I really liked the sausage and shrimp with the eggs. I have to mention FISH and I don’t do breakfast together. I am not sure I would order it again, only because I want to move on to something else. Not that I could even think of tasting the biscuit, but I did and it was perfect. Good bits of sweet potato, moist with what appeared to be a blend of white and wheat flour – I brought it with me for later!

What did Greg have?? a side of jalapeno bacon which was ok –  with all of the other flavors it may have been a bit lost and it just wasn’t standing out. It had a serious kick, even for us and we love spicy. He had eggs and cheese with sausage that was battered in pancake batter and fried – ummm YUM! How did I never think of this, in all honesty, I was pretty bummed I hadn’t!

The coffee was great, nice and rich without being too bold. Other than the strip mall the ambiance as great,  although we sat outside on the sidewalk because it was gorgeous, the inside was quant and a good blend of southern country home meets diner.

If you are in or around Charleston or Mt. P – you have to check this place out, it’s no joke! Did I mention the pancake had candy corn on it?

  • Food – 8.5 (delicious and creative)
  • Ambiance – 7.5
  • Service – 8
  • Value – 7.5 – hard to tell since we ordered so much – most likely if we would have ordered our typical breakfast size 8.5

Charleston's Cafe on Urbanspoon

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